Automation for secure & convenient access


Gate automation, barriers and bollards provide a number of solutions and advantages, including security and ease of access. Commercially they are used in a variety of applications whether it be:

  • Automated entry gates

  • Car park automated barriers

  • Road bollards

  • Sliding/swing perimeter gates

  • Pedestrian gates


Domestically, gates are usually automated to provide ease of access and improved security with the added benefit of increased property value and adding an air of exclusivity.


M3 Security Systems offers solutions for all applications, including manufacturing and supplying bespoke bollards and wooden or metal gates, to your specific requirements.


To ensure all users' safety, we carry out an onsite risk assessment of all our automated gate, barrier and bollard systems to identify any required safety measures. We offer post-installation maintenance to ensure the system retains compliance.


All of our systems can be integrated to work with the access control and entry system solutions that we also offer.